Where am I and what am I doing?

Last updated: November 11, 2022
Location: La Molina,
Weather: 70°F, cloudy
Reading: The Best American Short Stories 2020 - Ed. Curtis Sittenfeld
Playing: Modern Warfare II
Eating: Caldo de gallina
Drinking: Coffee (always)
I work as a web developer at Mining Service Ingenieros

We provide mining consultancy services to companies all over the world. This includes web development for other companies (which is where I come in).

The company specializes in setting up shafts and infrastructure for clients while providing advice on the best mining practices. We also do turnkey contracts and have worked in North America, South America, and Africa.

I mostly use React, MongoDB, Tailwind, and Node, though I'm starting to get a concrete understanding of TypeScript for implementation on future projects.

I'm currently working on revamping my company's website from scratch. It's been a somewhat tedious experience because I have to go back and forth with the general manager, but it feels great to be 100% in charge of the project.

I started my programming journey back in high school with Java, though I didn't touch code again for over a decade. Huge shoutout to Brad Traversy.


I love to write but have never maintained any sort of blog. I know from experience that teaching and explaining helps us learn faster. This article breaks down why blogs are useful for learning.

I'm working on a short story collection written in second-person. It will be available here.

I'm living in Lima right now and I discovered there's no professor review site for Peru, so I decided to work on one.

You can see the live page here.

If you'd like to see more people with /now pages, check out nownownow.com

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