Where am I and what am I doing?

Last updated: March 11, 2023
Location: La Molina,
Weather: 78°F, sunny
Reading: The Best American Short Stories — Ed. by Curtis Sittenfeld
Playing: Destiny 2
Eating: Lasagna
Drinking: Coffee (always)
I work as a React engineer at Valere Labs

We provide software development services to clients all over the world. Each project normally lasts about six months from conception to completion.

The company is based in the US but has offices in other countries. We have a multicultural and international workforce, and it's also pretty laid back. By that I mean that no one is micromanaging you.

I mostly use React, Tailwind, Node, MongoDB, and Postman (to check the endpoints), though I'm independently learning TypeScript better and like it a lot.

My main duties are integrating third-party services to the principal product, directing meetings with providers and keeping all the stakeholders informed, and providing resources for the engineering team. I'm also working solo on redesigning the company website using React and Tailwind. I'm planning on using Netlify CMS but I've been looking at Astro.js and might try it out.

I started my programming journey back in high school with Java, though I didn't touch code again for over a decade. Huge shoutout to Brad Traversy.


I love to write but have never maintained any sort of blog. I know from experience that teaching and explaining helps us learn faster. This article breaks down why blogs are useful for learning.

I'm working on a short story collection written in second-person. I plan on turning it into a choose-your-own-adventure web app. The book will be available here.

I'm living in Lima right now and I like to go to Kennedy Park in Miraflores every Sunday. There's so many cats everywhere that I got the idea to make a cat tracker web app.

It will be available here.

If you'd like to see more people with /now pages, check out nownownow.com

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