Bryan Granados

React Engineer
Valere Labs

I'm a full-stack developer with years of experience in both software engineering and marketing. I have a strong background in working with nonprofits, small companies, and international teams. I hold a bachelor's in Advertising and Digital Marketing.

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I was born in Lima but grew up in the States and lived there for twenty years before moving back in the beginning of 2020. I love to write and I've written a novel, a memoir, three short story collections, and a book of poetry. I'm fond of cats and love video games. I'm a firm believer in that we should always be learning. Right now, I'm learning how to paint.

I'm currently employed as a mid-level React Engineer , mostly doing back-end stuff, for an international software development agency. I love what I do but I'm open to new opportunities.

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I stream software development on Twitch.

Feel free to holla at me by sending an email to bryan@granados.cc or by scheduling a chat with me on Calendly.


Full-stack React Engineer  @  Valere Labs
January 2023 - Present
Integrating third-party services to the principal product.
Utilizing Postman to verify that the API endpoints are functional.
Creating modules with flexible parameters that will be later implemented on the front-end.
Web Developer  @  Mining Service Ingenieros
August 2022 - January 2023
Web development, often subcontracted out to other companies.
Created a custom solution that engages in the systematic collection, storage, and analysis of data, subsequently utilizing the insights gleaned for the enhancement of business operations, as a result, reducing overhead costs and increasing annual revenue.
Proofreading, editing, and composition of company content (brochures, pamphlets, presentations).
Software Development Intern  @  Dulcian Health
August 2022 - October 2022
Worked with the company’s main product, a CCM solution that allows physicians to immediately stand-up a CCM program that conforms to Medicare’s regulations.
Updated the company’s website to current industry standards. Used React, Tailwind, and GSAP.
Principal duty was testing the company’s products to find bugs or inconsistencies.
Marketing and Administrative Specialist  @  Refreshing Development Center
July 2017 - January 2020
Secured over $50,000 in donations from patrons through compelling copywriting and email campaigns.
Supervised weekly meetings with other committee members of the NPO to discuss, plan, and divide the labor of the upcoming week.
Compiled data of surveys answered by 700+ beneficiaries to assess their needs, analyzed the data, and presented it to the heads of the NPO.

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